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Maintenance Manager Maintenance success can be planned

With the advasco Maintenance Manager, you can maintain a digital overview also during service.

Maintenance Manager

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Digital control over your maintenance requirements

Nowadays, the maintenance information for vehicle or machine service is available digitally – but is not networked with each other. This gap is closed by the advasco maintenance manager. Product data and maintenance requirements of the manufacturer are linked to the material prices and the hourly rate of the service company.

The user now receives the precise inspection instructions and the associated, exact maintenance costs. The calculation takes into account mileage, operating hours and age as well as individual operating conditions.

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Special system features:

  • Ad-hoc price information for due maintenanceAd-hoc-Preisauskunft für fällige Wartung 
    • Customer ID
    • Serial number or model designation (if applicable)
  • Calculation of maintenance costs for maintenance contract
      • Model and version
      • Machine life (contract term)
      • Operating hours
  • Customized inspection checklist
      • Model and equipment level
      • Operating hours
      • Age

Other interesting features:

  • Schnittstelle zu Dealer Management Systemen
  • Interface to Dealer Management Systems
  • Interface to the manufacturer spare parts system
  • Dealer administrator for maintenance of dealer data
  • Output checklist as PDF and on the tablet

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Your advantages:

  • Individuelle Kalkulation der Wartungskosten mit Händlerpreisen
  • Individual calculation of maintenance costs with dealer prices
  • Detailed list of parts, oils and labor required
  • Quality of the inspections through precisely fitting checklists

This is how it works


Maintenance Manager | advasco GmbH


The data of the maintenance intervals

Maintenance Manager - Big Data of intervals


Precise cost calculation for all-inclusive leases

For the price request of a due inspection, the user receives the cost calculation after entering the serial number, operating hours/running distance and commissioning date. This is divided into parts, material and labor time.

If the maintenance costs for a leasing contract are to be calculated, the user receives a list of the inspections due for the leasing period with the respective required parts, oils and labor times after entering the product code, operating hours/running distance and planned machine life.


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