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E-Mail to Ticket System Automatically gain time

Very easy to use and yet so extensively functional – our advasco E-Mail to Ticket makes it possible.

E-Mail to Ticket

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Structured e-mail communication: advasco E-Mail to Ticket

It is often difficult for companies to keep track of external email requests, especially with high email volumes and multiple email clients.

The advasco E-Mail to Ticket System structures the incoming flood of e-mails and automatically routes the requests to the right contact persons. You always maintain an overview. The system does the work for you.

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Special system features:

  • Easy and fast setup – we configure your system within 24h
  • Support for multiple email accounts to automatically assign a department
  • Trigger word recognition with individual rules (if word „xy“, then action „ABC“).
  • Spam protection
  • Interfaces: Fax interface (incoming fax becomes ticket), master data import/export (e.g. REST), statistics export (e.g. HTML, Excel).

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Your advantages:

  • Easy contact option via e-mail for the user
  • Chronological documentation of communication
  • All processes traceable at a glance
  • Free space for other tasks
  • Evaluation of collected data enables informed decisions

This is how it works


E-Mail to Ticket | advasco IT solution

E-Mail to Ticket – the concept


Automated processes guarantee a simple, smooth operation

The system automatically records incoming e-mails as a ticket, transfers the content to an individually designed ticket form and sends a confirmation of receipt to the e-mail author. The confirmation of receipt contains a ticket ID under which the request is stored. If a ticket ID already exists in the incoming e-mail, the message is automatically assigned to the existing ticket.

Your first-level support automatically sees the incoming messages in the ticket system – with status stamp and time stamp. The first-level administrator either answers the request directly or assigns the ticket to a specific department. If desired, the system can automatically classify the request according to the e-mail subject.

Your support staff answer all incoming requests immediately in the ticket system. Your customers receive a corresponding e-mail – in your company’s corporate design, of course – to which they can reply by e-mail if required. All processes are precisely assigned by means of a ticket ID, the content is recorded in a structured manner and stored chronologically – including file attachments. You always have everything in view: „who“ wrote „when“ „what“.

Email to Ticket offers a wealth of customization options

The development of the system follows your individual requirements. In addition, we can offer you further optional components:

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